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Shambhala is a magical land which is shaped like an eight-petalled lotus flower. It has been ruled by priest-kings for many thousands of years.


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Chakras are important Entry Gates of the Aura. Within the physical body resides a body double, a spiritual or etheric body, that contains the Chakras.




LADY MASTER NADA The word “Nada” means “the voice of the silence”, and also a receding of the personality into nothingness, giving way to the Christ Self.

Nada is a Messenger of Lord Meru and received train-ing in His Retreat. She is of the Sixth Ray.

She has helped bring many civilizations to their height, even long before She was ascended. She worked with Saint Germain in that civilization seventy thousand years ago and in many since. She was also one who stood with Him when He first brought forth this instruction.

Nada, on Atlantis abided in the Temple which represented divine love, located where New Bedford, Massachusetts is now. They directed healing through love by use of light rays from that Temple to those who required it and could accept it, to anyone anywhere on Earth.

That Temple was patterned after a rose, each petal was a room. It still remains in the ethers even to this day.
Nada, in her last embodiment on Earth received training in developing divine love as a small child. She was he smallest and youngest of a large and wealthy family, who were all talented except she who seemed not to be. She felt her deficiency but one night a beautiful lady in pink appeared to her.

This Being taught her how to work with nature, the lowers and birds first, how to pour out love, a ray of Light from her heart to them to which they would respond. this training of working with the rhythm of nature went on for several years. Nada noticed there would be a Fragrance of roses and music whenever the lovely Being came.

Then one day the great Being informed her that Her name was Charity, and explained how she could render i service by pouring the love from her heart to the hearts, of the ones in her family, while they slept, unbeknown to them. This way their talents were nourished and expanded and they became a great blessing to mankind, through music, art and poetry. Thus she became a “self-less one”.

Her sisters married and she was home alone, then one lay the Being Charity informed her that she was ready to enter into the activities of a Retreat. That she would have a visit by the Hierarch and that their association would cease. Then after a time Nada came and explained to her the requirements. That she would have to sever all connections with her family, enter a branch of the Retreat, there pass certain initiations before entering the Retreat at Luxor, where she could render service to those there by assisting them to release their own talents and fulfill their divine plan which was re-quired before attaining the Ascension.
She went to this branch of the Retreat. The training there was particularly a harmonizing of various small groups into which she was placed and who found it very difficult to live together. She underwent some severe discipline. She had some very difficult times trying to maintain harmony during this phase of training and development, with frictions and the various human qualities that arose in their close association. She finally mastered them, and also learned that right within her own light, within and about her was everything that she required.

She was then admitted to the Retreat at Luxor where she rendered service for several centuries before she made the Ascension, around twenty-seven hundred years ago. She had assistance from the Divine Director in making the Ascension. Her service is to amplify the good and the talents in others; pouring love to the Flame in their hearts, magne-tizing and drawing forth the divine plan of that life-stream. She will render that same service to the students now. Nada has a certain cosmic authority for the incoming age.

Healing is one of Her actions or services to mankind. She is One of those Who direct healing to the mankind of Earth. She said that many people had physical abnormalities in the functions of the body of which they were not aware. She offered to give assistance to individuals in this way as well as for bad habits, desires for wrong food, drink, smoking, et cetera, who would call to Her; the call gives Her permission to correct the conditions. She will also give assistance in legal matters.

She has a certain service in connection with precipitation for the student on the Path; and an action in directing the magnetic currents from the Central Sun. We can call to Her to blanket the atmosphere with Her pink flame to prevent frost. When one is out in cold weather it is possible to be enfolded in Her pink Flame and therefore not feel the cold.

Nada is a Member of the Karmic Board and represents the Third Ray in that body. She has recently assumed the Chohanship for the Sixth Ray for the time being. Nada is unusually small for an Ascended Being; She is around five feet two inches. She has golden hair and blue eyes. Her keynote is similar to “I Love You Only” from the “Chocolate Soldier”. Her symbol is a pink rose.


Now you have the chance to be initiated into the Nada Energies. They will envoke in you the energy vibration of Nada.

The Energy vibration of Master Nada is: Peace, Healing, Mercy, Service

You will receive 2 attunements, a Nada Chakra Oil and a manual. The first is the basic ALL Ascended Master Attunement. The second is the specific Nada attunement.

Use them to enhance yor spiritual path to Self-Mastery and embody the Power of the Masters.

You will get these initiations for only $ 49 USD.


After you have paid over the secure server of PayPal we will agree on a date and time for YOU to receive the attunements and the manual. I will mail you the oil via international Postal Service FREE within 14 days worldwide.

For any questions please contact me.



Spiritual Healing

Tom Om, Chiropractor, Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master

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