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The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell

During the course of my newsletters we have discussed from time to time the true meaning, value and above all Divinity of Life; the truth that we are all One. Every human being, every animal and every plant, without exception is not separate from us, it is us. 

Unfortunately, over the course of evolution, human beings have become increasingly blind to this truth, as the ego, materialism and selfishness, and to be fair, in certain eras of severe climatic conditions such as the ice ages, the need to survive have increasingly dominated. 

The sad result is that instead of viewing all life as a totally equal aspect of ourselves and of the Universe, most of mankind has come to regard other forms of life as existing solely to gratify the material and often the selfish and egotistic pleasures of mankind.

Many people see other forms of life as intrusive. For example when we honour the smaller creatures through which Divinity experiences into our homes, they are called "pests" or "vermin" before being mercilessly destroyed in the name of self-interest, and in so doing so part of the destroyer becomes destroyed according to Universal law.

Many would argue that humans are "designed" to eat meat. However convenient this notion might seem it is totally incorrect. Humans are designed to eat natural, whole foods even though the human digestive system can manage meat; at a cost..

As always there is a price to pay. Eating animal and dairy products has been proven, beyond any doubts, to dramatically exposes the person eating these foods to all manner of diseases which can both drastically shorten life and result in debilitating disease; afflictions which are then blamed on anything or anyone but the person themselves, or put down to other erroneous factors that amount to little more than a feeble excuse.

Diseases such as diabetes, obesity, colon, breast, liver and other cancers have been dramatically increasing as mankind slides ever deeper into the food trap, encouraged everywhere by rampant commercialism and the ever present illusion that the drugs and medical industries will always be there to bail them out when disease inevitably strikes.

But finally help is at hand in the form of The China Study.

Dr. Colin Campbell is known and respected throughout the world as "the Einstein of nutrition".  He is the greatest expert on nutrition related human health that has ever lived.

His book, The China Study, is the result of 20 years of intensive, meticulous research involving three international universities. Never before has there been such a thorough study of nutrition, and never again is there likely to be.

The findings of Dr. Campbell are clear, unambiguous and straightforward; anyone eating animal proteins including meat and dairy products of any kind is as killing themselves. It is not a matter of how much time is lost in a life, which is inevitable, it is also a case of which debilitating diseases will be contracted along the way resulting in often a dramatic loss of lifestyle leading to inevitable "death".

The China Study is a best-selling book, widely praised and upheld as the book that can save the health and lives of mankind and is now beginning to do so.

I have read this remarkable book and totally endorse that view.

I strongly recommend that everyone purchases The China Study, I have provided the link below, and thereby not only vastly improve your physical health and longevity, but also start to more fully realise your true identity as a Divine, Spiritual Being, an aspect of Everything in Existence, and most of all of The Supreme Being, The First Cause, Our Prime Creator who experiences through us, often known simply as "God". 

Click the Amazon link below to view 

The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell


The China Study

T. Colin Campbell,...







Spiritual Healing

Tom Om, Chiropractor, Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master

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